Getting spare parts for the Da Vinci 3D printers

Getting spare parts for your XYZPrinting Da Vinci printer (whatever model) can be pretty difficult because the official XYZeSHOP on the Internet does only have a few parts available and the company rather repairs a machine then selling parts for it.

Now, since I have a lot over video's on my channel about the Da Vinci Pro, a lot of people see me as some kind of Da Vinci authority (which I am not) or even think I work for the company behind these printers (again, there is no link what-so-ever between me and XYZPrinting, nor do I get paid or even get to review a loan machine). But, to answer the ever asked question where to buy spare parts, the answer is very simple...

Find the name of the part and search for it on

Added a page with my favorite printers of the moment

Hi all,

I just added a page with links to my most favorite printers on the market today.
The links on this page bring you to the place where you can get the best deals for this printers and yes, they are affiliate links.

As described in my video, that I link under this post, I don't do the affiliate links because of the income but because this is the way for my sponsors to check if my channel is worth it to be sending review machines. I do get a small percentage of the money paid when you buy something at their websites, but that money will flow directly beck into the channel in terms of filament, a new printer, that kind of things.

Visit the link page here: My Favorite Printers