Anet E-10 Review out now on YouTube

Hi All,

From Gearbest I received the Anet E-10 for a review.
This printer came here only a few days ago and my first results were nice, but not spectacular.
Then I started to play with the mechanical structure of the machine. I tightened the belts, turned the Z axis motors so that the connectors are facing to the back of the machine and tightened all the screws of the machine, making it way more sturdy. And see here, the machine is really doing a great job now.

If you like the printer, check it out here on Gearbest. They have made a coupon code for me so you can buy it a little cheaper.
Also, When buying from my link, you support my YouTube channel !!!

Also, I made a User Group on Thingiverse for this printer. Please check it out.