Anet E-10 Review

Full disclaimer:
I received this printer after Gearbest contacted me and asked me if I was interested in reviewing this printer. I got to keep the machine after the review, so basically they gave the machine to me for free.

Everything I say in the review is my own opinion. I am not getting paid for the review and I can say anything I like or dislike about this printer without it having consequences for me or my channel.

After this review

In the week that followed after the review, I have been printing a lot more things with the printer.

During this usage of the printer, I found a few things that could be improved and on the Internet there is a lot to be found about this printer. Two users, MrCrankyface and CNCKitchen, both on Thingiverse, made some great parts for the machine that really improve the print quality a lot.

From the start I knew this printer could perform even better if it was controlled by a very good Slicer.

My slicer of choice is Simplify3D. I have a paid version of this slicer and I know, it’s expensive, but it’s for sure the best thing on the market.

I took all the dimensions and all the best settings for this printer and made a profile for the printer. Now, after using this profile, the Anet E-10 is one of the best printers I have in my makerspace if you compare it to the Da Vinci’s, it’s way better. Compared to my HyperTower printer it’s almost the same quality. I really love the machine.

Final Thoughts about the Anet E-10 printer after a few weeks of use

After I have tested this printer for a few weeks now, I think it’s a good time of giving you my final thoughts about the machine.

Take a look at the video and see how I think about it.

Buy the machine and help my channell

If you like the machine and want to give it a try yourself, please buy the printer from my link down below. You help my channel because it’s an affiliate link and you still pay the best price.

Anet E-10 on GearBest