Geeetech E180 Review

Full Disclaimer: I have received this printer from GearBest for an honest review. Everything I say about this printer are my own thoughts and I am allowed to say anything I like about the machine without facing consequences for my website or YouTube channel.

The Geeetech E180 3D printer is a small printer that fits on almost any desk. It has a build platform of 13 x 13 x 13 centimeter and it's controlled by sending Gcode to the machine. For connectivity the printer has a USB connection, a micro SD card slot and WiFi connectivity. The platform is build out of aluminum and is covered with paper tape. The bed has no heating so the printer is only to be used with PLA filament.

The printer uses a 0.4mm nozzle that is made specifically for this printer. In the box you get a nozzle installed and a spare nozzle, in case you might need it. The nozzle heats up incredibly fast, faster than any nozzle from any of my other printers.

The printer is controlled by software on a smartphone, tablet or via a PC or you can use the small touchscreen interface on the machine. It's possible to have Gcode files on the SD card and control the machine without using any other device. Also, there is a slicer from Geeetech that can be used to slice normal STL files into Gcode for the printer. 

After unboxing the printer, I found that everything was packed correctly. The printer came with some white PLA test filament, a brochure, a quick start guide, a filament holder and some spare parts and tools.

Setting up the filament holder was not possible because it broke immediately after I mounted a 1KG spool of filament on it. The holder wasn't that good anyway, but this didn't start very good.

When I turned the printer on, the bed seemed leveled and I was able to insert the micro SD card that came with the printer and print the first file right away. This file was the only file on the card and it printed a very nice looking dog out of the supplied white filament.

After this print, I installed some of my own blue filament on an Anycubic spoolholder I have laying around and I printed the dog again. Also this time, the print came out very nice.

Now I thought it was time to print something else. I tried connecting the Geeetech E180 via WiFi to my smartphone with the EasyPrint 3D app. This didn't work as I was not able to connect the printer to my home WiFi network. Then I installed the EasyPrint 3D software I found on the Geeetech website. This was an early beta version of the software and I still don't understand why this software is on their website. It's a very premature version of software that should never become public as not a single function in the software works. I found a manual for the printer but no link to better software. Also, the manual stated that it's possible to slice files using Cura or Simplify3D but there is no mentioning of the settings you have to use in the slicer of your choice. Contacting the Geeetech support also didn't help. At every question I asked I got the same answer, I I could maybe give more details about my problem. Maybe there was a language barrier or maybe the guy I spoke with didn't know much about the E180, but he didn't help me much, as you can see in the next video.

After this experience I again wrote to the Geeetech crew, stating I was going to make a review of this printer and I needed some support. I received a detailed email from Rick Xu with great information about the printer and a link to a brand new version of EasyPrint 3D. This helped a lot because in the new software I couldn't find any bug anymore. The software is fast and responsive. It's nothing like Simplify3D, that I am used to, but it works and after slicing some objects, I have to say it works very well.