My Printers

Da Vinci Pro 1.0

My first printer I bought is my XYZPrinting Da Vinci Pro.

I happened to be the first person in the world to receive this printer and when that happened I had a lot of problems with it that nobody could solve. I didn’t receive any help from the technical people at XYZPrinting because they even didn’t know about this ‘secret’ printer and it took 2 more weeks before the printer was announced to the public and I could start working with it.

I had a whole lot of things that I had to repair and tinker but I loved it. It is now a heavily modified machine with an E3Dv6 Original hot end, better stepper motors, a part cooling fan, build-in webcam and external controls and it’s a very good printer. I have a lot of content about this printer on my YouTube channel so if you want to know more about this machine, please look it up.

HyperTower (DIY double printer)

The HyperTower build started as a HyperCube, designed by Tech2C on Thingiverse.

This CoreXY printer is a great printer if you want to learn how to build a 3D printer for yourself. I love the quality of the machine and I have modded a lot of things to the machine. Now the frame houses 2 HyperCubes on top of each other that can print separately and are both controlled by a combination of an Arduino Mega 2560 with RAMPS 1.4 and a Raspberry Pi running AstroPrint software. This combination is great because now I can enter the printers menu’s from all over the world and control them over the Internet. I can monitor the machines with build in webcams and they have a safety build in so that the machines will turn off in case of something going wrong with them.

The two machines don’t interfere with each other, as suggested by many people who have seen the build on the Internet. Both printers can work at the same time without sacrificing quality on one or both of the machines.

Fabrikator Mini V2

The Fabrikator Mini V2 is my smallest 3D printer up to date. The printer has a decent quality for a printer that costs only less then 200 Euro’s and it is being controlled from Simplify3D, that I use to slice my files with. The printer has an external card slot, so I can save my Gcode to the MicroSD card and then the printer can print this file without being connected to a computer or the Internet. The machine also has WiFi and USB, so I can control it from where I like, using a Raspberry Pi with AstroPrint as a controller.

This printer at the moment has no security build in and can therefore not be used without me being home. I will make a security system for this printer so that it can be used without supervision in the near future. This will also include a webcam to check the printer remotely.

Anet E10

This printer I don’t own yet, but there is one coming my way at this moment.

I have been contacted by GearBest if I wanted to review this printer and I see no reason why I wouldn’t, so I will give this printer an honest review, make some video’s about it and tell you guys what I think of this machine.