For sure, Simplify3D is my most wanted Slicer for any 3D printer.

I use Simplify3D with all my printers because it’s easy to set up, it has tools that really help me a lot and, the main reason I started using it, it works right away with the Da Vinci Pro printer.\

The Da Vinci Pro machine can normally only be used with XYZWare for Pro, the slicer that is supplied with the machine. You can use Cura or Slic3r but then you have to export a file from your slicer into XYZWare for Pro and this means that you still have to use the provided slicer from XYZPrinting to get the printer working. I don’t like that because I really hate XYZWare for pro. The slicer doesn’t function very well and even worst, I collects data like how often you use your printer and how many meters of filament you have used, and sends this data to XYZPrinting for their support to know how often your printer is being used. With Simplify3D, the software is just the slicer of choice and it can directly communicate with your Da Vinci Pro, without the need of XYZWare for pro to even be installed on your computer.

If you are interested in Simplify3D, you can take a look at their website
(I don’t get any commission out of it and I paid for my version):