3D Printing in SPIRAL VASE mode


Normally when you are printing a model on your 3D printer, the model will have a point where the printer begins and ends at each independent layer. When you are printing in spiral VASE mode however, your printer will be printing in one continues motion all the way until the print is finished.

The benefits are:
– The print has no blobs of filament on the start and end points of each separate layer
– The print will finish much faster because the printer can continue it’s motion.

The downsides are:
– Walls can only be 1 perimiter in thickness
– Your print will be more fragile and flexible.

All in all, this is a nice trick to make large prints in a relative short period of time, so just play with it and see if there is a way for you to use this in your day to day printing. Happy Printing.

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