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Giving color to my room with a filter holder for regular LED lights

You might have noticed that since a few weeks I am trying to give a little more color to the channel by using several different colored lamps for the background I am using. Now, as I am not only using LED bars but also round LED lights, I wanted to make a filter holder on […]

Sanding the inside of a printed barrel or pipe

In this video I explain how you can sand easily on the inside of a pipe, even if you cannot reach it easily because the pipe has a very small diameter.

Building a HyperCube CoreXY printer from Thingiverse

On Thingiverse I found a great design, made by Tech2C, of a CoreXY 3D printer. The printer is called the HyperCube and is a pretty easy build that costs you around $ 500,00 if you choose to build it from high-quality components. While building the machine, I am even thinking of making it a little […]

Making a solder fume extractor

In this video I am making a solder fume extractor so I don’t have to breath the fumes from my soldering iron. The thing is made in Fusion360 and sliced in Simplify3D. After that I am printing the fume extractor on my JGAurora A5 (link to that machine down below) and then I put it […]

3D Print yourself a holster for GLASS CLEANING WIPES

Every spectacle wearer regularly suffers from dirty glasses, which is why it is time that every spectacle wearer has a pair of wipes with him to clean the spectacles as standard. With this holster you can easily take 4 cleaning wipes with you on your belt.

Making an 18cm long bridge on the Da Vinci Pro 1.0

I saw this video from Joel Telling on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nL0nW… And I was thinking to myself… Can I do that… With my cheap Son of a …Da Vinci Pro machine? So I copied the settings Joel used on the same model he used and hit the print button. Guess what? I am pretty proud, although […]

What do I use my 3D printers for?

In this video I give a lot of examples what I use my 3D printer for. This is an informational video because a lot of people ask me hat practical uses there are for 3D printers.