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Re-Creating a part for my brother in law’s kitchen

My brother in law had a problem with his kitchen because in one of his cabinets, a plastic part broke and he was not able to buy a replacement for it. Therefore he asked me if I could recreate it on one of my printers. In this video I show you guys how I did […]

Using a temperature tower to determine the best printing temperatures

How do you determine the best temperature for your nozzle during 3D printing? Just make a temperature tower, then you know exactly where you stand.

Making a desk lamp with my Da Vinci Pro 1.0 3D printer

Make a very nice desk lamp with a very cheap lamp from the dollar store by designing a lamp yourself. Long live 123dDesign

Creating a new housing for an existing bluetooth speaker

Improve the sound quality of a bluetooth speaker by making a new housing for it with a 3D printer.

How I designed my NERF darts compatible LAUNCHER

In this video I show for the first time my complete design of the NERF rifle that I designed for the competition that is currently being held to design a NERF rifle.

Make a Double BiQuad directional WiFi Antenna

In this video we are going to make a WiFi antenna ourselves that is very directional. This antenna is perfect, for example, to cover a distance of a few hundred meters and there are even stories of people who knew to bridge more than a kilometer by simply replacing their antenna with this home-made antenna. […]

How to make ABS parts STRONGER and make them STICK to the print bed

Printing an ABS part can sometimes be a best challenge because ABS has a tendency to deform while cooling and thereby break the print. By preventing long straight parts from forming in the ABS part, you can prevent large forces from building up in the part. This makes it a lot easier to print the […]

Designing stronger parts with your 3D printer

When you start designing for 3D printing, you find that not every print is the same. The reason for this is that 3D printers make the models in layers and these layers are very strong per layer, but the mutual strength between the different layers is a lot smaller. To make a strong print it […]

Creating a 3D printed stand for my Color Checker Passport

The Color Checker passport is a tool that is used by professional photographers to make sure you capture the correct colors while photographing. It’s always handy when you can put the tool anywhere you like, therefore I made this stand.