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Upgrading your Da Vinci Pro printer with a FAN DUCT

If you are going to print with PLA on a Da Vinci Pro printer, you actually need a cooling fin to cool the filament just after printing. For that reason, I made a cooling fin myself that precisely places the cold air where cooling is needed. Watch the video and see how you can make […]

GEEETECH E180 Preview and it’s complete unusable software

Hi folks, thanks for watching my video’s. The kind people of Gearbest gave me this Geeetech E180 printer to make an honest review about the machine but because I only have it for 4 days now, this is only a preview of that bigger review. For now, I think that based on the quality of […]

My slicer settings for the 18cm bridge on the Da Vinci Pro 1.0

A few people asked my what my settings are for the large bridge, well… Here they are.

ANET E10 Review

From GearBest I received the Anet E-10 3D printer for a review. This printer came within 2 weeks time and out of the box it didn’t make very nice prints but after only 20 minutes of tightening belts and fixing screws, it’s one great printer. Take a look at the great results of this very […]

How to prevent stringing on the Da Vinci Pro 1.0

This is a follow up video on the one I did earlier on the settings for your Da Vinci Pro printer. In this video I show how you can get Stringing and how you can prevent it from happening. Thanks for watching this video.

Names of all the parts in a HOT END

Here you will see all the parts that create the Hot End, and I will tell you their names.

Unclogging the nozzle of the Da Vinci Pro 1.0 3D printer

Nothing is more annoying than a blockage in the nozzle of your 3D printer, or wait … A blockage in the nozzle of your XYZPrinting Da Vinci Pro printer is even worse. In this video I show how I can easily solve the blockage

GEEETECH E180 is Working, yet still a PREVIEW

Watch my second attempt with this Geeetech E180 3D printer. I received a new slicer for it and now I can get it to work. The prints that are coming out of this printer really look amazing. The printer prints like many of it’s way more expensive siblings, yet the slicer isn’t perfect.