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Sending back the brand new Fabrikator II?

Here I receive my brand new Fabrikator II mini printer. But wait, Am I going to send it back?

Improving the quality of your Da Vinci Pro 3D printer

Watch this video if you want to see a whole list of upgrades for your Da Vinci Pro printer. From cooling for PLA filament to a camera on the inside of the printer, here you will find all the tips.

Putting together the ENDER 2 printer

From the money I earned with the affiliate links and donations from subscribers, I have bought the Ender 2 printer over at GearBest. This printer comes as a kit and has to be assembled when you receive it. The assembly took about 1.5 hours and was very easy to do. I will be making some […]

Why convert the Da Vinci Pro 1.0 to E3Dv6

There are a lot of reasons to change from the original XYZPrinting hot end to an E3Dv6 type hot end. Think of printing with abrasive filaments for example, but there is more. Watch the video.

I repaired the Fabrikator II Mini and made slicer settings for Simplify3D for it

Here is a little heads up about the Fabrikator Mini V2 printer that I bought at HobbyKing a few months ago. The printer arrived just a couple of days ago and when I opened it, it was broken. Both the Y and Z axis were having problems due to hardware malfunction and I wanted to […]

Unclogging the nozzle of the Da Vinci Pro machine. AGAIN!

Again a video about removing a blockage from the Da Vinci Pro printer, but this time I show it in a different way so that it might be even clearer what to do to clear the blockage.

How to get spareparts for XYZPrinting Printers

Buying spare parts for your 3D printer can be very difficult if it’s a Da Vinci machine. There is a Da Vinci official store but there are not that many items to be found there. Best thing to do is try to find out the name of your broken part and search for it on […]

AstroPrint on a Raspberry PI for your 3D Printer

AstroPrint is great software that you can use for free on your Raspberry Pi computer to work as a host for your 3D printer. This is great if you use a printer that is not capable of working as a stand alone machine. The software runs both on your Raspberry Pi and on the cloud […]

PTFE tube for the Da Vinci Pro filament holder I made

After about 1 year of intensive use, I discovered that the filament holder I made and shared on Thingiverse contains a small mistake. But, luckily not much is going on, you can easily solve this problem. Look.