Da Vinci Pro43 Videos

Please don’t use my older video’s as a buying advise

I am afraid people are using my older video’s as a buying advise for older types of printers while there are so many new models now that are way better. Therefore, I made this quick response video to sort out that I don’t want to delete older video’s, but please look at my newer video’s […]

How to make ABS parts STRONGER and make them STICK to the print bed

Printing an ABS part can sometimes be a best challenge because ABS has a tendency to deform while cooling and thereby break the print. By preventing long straight parts from forming in the ABS part, you can prevent large forces from building up in the part. This makes it a lot easier to print the […]

Using PTFE filament on the Da Vinci Pro printer

Printing with PETG filament on the Da Vinci Pro printer is not them easy as it seems. Yet it is easy to do something about it, namely re-setting the characteristics of the filament and look … Perfect prints.

Temperature calibrating the Da Vinci Pro 1.0

It’s very important to know the best temperatures for your filament to print with. In this video I explain how to do that.

Beste Camera inside your 3D printer. #Rollei or #GoPro

If you want to use a camera on the inside of a closed 3D printer, it is very important that you choose a camera that is suitable for this. Not every camera can be used just like that and there may even be very good reasons why it is better not to use a certain […]

Z-Axis wobble on the Da Vinci Pro 3D printer

If your Da Vinci Pro printer is also bothered by a wobbling Z axis, you can print this section to prevent the shaft from wobbling. This is a very simple solution that angry tongues claim is actually not good at all, but I can assure you it has helped me a lot.