Da Vinci Pro43 Videos

Da Vinci Pro bed leveling

In this video I show you how to level the bed of your Da Vinci Pro 3D printer. I show you the original method, but also the manual (and better) method.

Making a desk lamp with my Da Vinci Pro 1.0 3D printer

Make a very nice desk lamp with a very cheap lamp from the dollar store by designing a lamp yourself. Long live 123dDesign

XYZWare slicer for Pro FAILED

This is a manual excerpt

Da Vinci Pro 1.0 HOT END conversion to E3Dv6

All credits for the great design of this conversion go to Bruce Walker, the one who designed the plastic parts and the PCB with all the electronics that fit inside the cartridge. I just made the video about it. Here you can find his Thingiverse page where you can download the parts and contact him […]

Why a NON REVIEW on the Da Vinci Pro 1.0?

This video is a reaction on the Non Review made by Joel Telling, the 3D Printing Nerd, who received a Da Vinci Pro 1.0 printer for a review but has never really got the chance to make a good review of the machine.

Improving the quality of your Da Vinci Pro 3D printer

Watch this video if you want to see a whole list of upgrades for your Da Vinci Pro printer. From cooling for PLA filament to a camera on the inside of the printer, here you will find all the tips.

Why convert the Da Vinci Pro 1.0 to E3Dv6

There are a lot of reasons to change from the original XYZPrinting hot end to an E3Dv6 type hot end. Think of printing with abrasive filaments for example, but there is more. Watch the video.