Da Vinci Pro43 Videos

Making a desk lamp with my Da Vinci Pro 1.0 3D printer

Make a very nice desk lamp with a very cheap lamp from the dollar store by designing a lamp yourself. Long live 123dDesign

Da Vinci Pro 1.0 HOT END conversion to E3Dv6

All credits for the great design of this conversion go to Bruce Walker, the one who designed the plastic parts and the PCB with all the electronics that fit inside the cartridge. I just made the video about it. Here you can find his Thingiverse page where you can download the parts and contact him […]

Improving the quality of your Da Vinci Pro 3D printer

Watch this video if you want to see a whole list of upgrades for your Da Vinci Pro printer. From cooling for PLA filament to a camera on the inside of the printer, here you will find all the tips.

Why convert the Da Vinci Pro 1.0 to E3Dv6

There are a lot of reasons to change from the original XYZPrinting hot end to an E3Dv6 type hot end. Think of printing with abrasive filaments for example, but there is more. Watch the video.

Unclogging the nozzle of the Da Vinci Pro machine. AGAIN!

Again a video about removing a blockage from the Da Vinci Pro printer, but this time I show it in a different way so that it might be even clearer what to do to clear the blockage.

How to get spareparts for XYZPrinting Printers

Buying spare parts for your 3D printer can be very difficult if it’s a Da Vinci machine. There is a Da Vinci official store but there are not that many items to be found there. Best thing to do is try to find out the name of your broken part and search for it on […]

PTFE tube for the Da Vinci Pro filament holder I made

After about 1 year of intensive use, I discovered that the filament holder I made and shared on Thingiverse contains a small mistake. But, luckily not much is going on, you can easily solve this problem. Look.

Please don’t use my older video’s as a buying advise

I am afraid people are using my older video’s as a buying advise for older types of printers while there are so many new models now that are way better. Therefore, I made this quick response video to sort out that I don’t want to delete older video’s, but please look at my newer video’s […]

Using PTFE filament on the Da Vinci Pro printer

Printing with PETG filament on the Da Vinci Pro printer is not them easy as it seems. Yet it is easy to do something about it, namely re-setting the characteristics of the filament and look … Perfect prints.

Z-Axis wobble on the Da Vinci Pro 3D printer

If your Da Vinci Pro printer is also bothered by a wobbling Z axis, you can print this section to prevent the shaft from wobbling. This is a very simple solution that angry tongues claim is actually not good at all, but I can assure you it has helped me a lot.