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Corona – Covid-19 Door Opener

The Corona (Covid-19) virus mainly spreads through the air through small drops of saliva that people emit when coughing or sneezing. Since it is a habit that people keep their hands over their mouths when they do this, it is advisable not to shake hands for the time being, and to not touch things that have just been touched by others without them being first cleaned with alcohol or grease dissolving soap.

Since people have to open and close many doors every day, the door handle is a place where these ultra small drops of snot or saliva can sit, and it is therefore wise to also not handle door handles with your bare hands.

For that reason I made a small, easy to 3D print, handle that you can use to open and close doors, without having to touch it with your hands. You can carry and grab this bracket yourself when you need to, but it is also designed to keep it around your fingers while doing other things with your hands, this will be especially useful for people who need to open and close doors frequently, such as home helpers and other health care workers.

Download this bracket from my website as a .STL file for your 3D printer, and if you do not have a printer, send it to a 3D printing service or to an acquaintance with a 3D printer.

Stay safe, follow the government’s advice and make sure you don’t spread the virus yourself. Good luck.

Corona (Covid-19) Door Opener
A simple to print door opener to help stop spreading the Covid-19 virus.