Designing for 3D Printing specifically


Making parts or products with a 3D printer is of course very easy to do at home, but if you are behind your Cad Cam program and start drawing, you have to take into account the tools you are going to use, your 3D printer.

Not every 3D printer is the same, and that is something you need to know when designing. A printer with a Nozzle of 0.4 mm, for example, cannot print walls of 0.4 mm wide, because then it does not print anything. A wall of 1 mm wide is also not a good idea, while a wall of 1.2 or 1.6 mm wide goes very well and even becomes very strong. This has to do with your tool, the nozzle with a width of 0.4 mm.

In this video I explain how you should take into account the way in which you ultimately produce products in the design phase of your production process. Are you going to do this by means of 3D printing, then I will explain what the standards are for this.

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