Dumble Weight Camera Stand 3D Printed


In this video we are going to make an overhead camera standard with dumble weights and a 3D printed holder. The standard is easy to move around the entire table, so you can easily work from multiple angles and also make the best shots while recording your clip.

I am making this dumble booth amusing because I was looking for a solution to easily change my camera angle while filming, without having to walk to a tripod every time. Moreover, I wanted the camera to easily stand on a table and be used as an overhead camera.

The things I used in this video are:
– Manfrotto 244RC Variable Friction Arm
– Manfrotto Lighting Stud 3/8
– Sony RX100 V5 Camera
– 2x Dumble Weights

The software I used is:
– Fusion 360
– Simplify3D

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