GEEETECH E180 Preview and it’s complete unusable software


Hi folks, thanks for watching my video’s. The kind people of Gearbest gave me this Geeetech E180 printer to make an honest review about the machine but because I only have it for 4 days now, this is only a preview of that bigger review. For now, I think that based on the quality of only 1 print, this printer is really capable of making great prints. The only problem I am having is that this was the one and only print I was capable to make with this printer. Therefore, this is only a preview as my review will follow when I was able to make some more prints. There is for now no link to this printer as I don’t want anybody to buy it yet. There will be an affiliate link for this printer when I think it’s a good working machine. In the meantime, there are a lot of great printers listed below that I really love and I will be digging into this printer and I am sure I will get it printing within a few days.

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