Geeetech PLA filament review


Geeetech has given me two rolls of PLA filament to make a review. It concerns Black and White filament on spools of 1 kg. per coil that has a retail value of 19 Euro each, so a cheap filament.

To test the filament, I made a number of detailed prints, and a few Print-in-place prints, with moving parts printed in one go. On these types of parts, you can always see clearly whether a filament is good and strong, or whether it is not that good.

For the test, I used my Creality CR-10 Mini and my JGAurora A5 printers. These printers are perfectly calibrated, and I first made small test prints to find the best melting temperature for the PLA. For the white PLA this was 200 degrees Celsius, for the black PLA this was 210 degrees Celsius.

Geeetech sells the filament online via, among other things, Amazon. The links below are NOT affiliated links, but simply point the way to their store. There is also no money paid to make this review, I do not earn any money from this review.
GeeeTech Amazon store:

Directly to the White GeeeTech filament:

Directly to the Black GeeeTech filament:

All prints that I made come from Thingiverse, except the Darth Vader bust, that came from MyMiniFactory, and they are free to download there. It concerns the following things:

Darth Vader bust, creator: David Östman

Credit card sized foldable cellphone stand, creator: cerdish

Cable Chain PIP, creator: kirderf

Mini Floor Stands, creator: muzz64

Canon LP E6 batteries holder, creator: rogersoh

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