Geeetech Silk PLA Gold and Copper Review


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Geeetech Silk Copper

Geeetech Silk Gold

After my previous test of GEEETECH PLA filament in the colors Black and White, I was very impressed with this brand and for that reason I approached GEEETECH with the question if I could also review their special filaments. After a positive answer, I received two rolls of SILK filament in the colors Gold and Copper from GEEETECH.

What is special about this filament is that there are no metal particles in the filament, so that you really get a lot of filament. If GEEETECH had put metal particles in the filament, it would have been much heavier, so you would get fewer meters of filament per kilogram. Another big advantage is that this filament prints exactly the same as normal PLA filament. So you can simply use a bronze nozzle without worrying that it will wear.

The filament prints at 205 degrees Celsius, with a bed temperature of 50 degrees Celsius. My secret to good adhesion to the print bed is that I only switch on the fan at the second layer.

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