Giving color to my room with a filter holder for regular LED lights


You might have noticed that since a few weeks I am trying to give a little more color to the channel by using several different colored lamps for the background I am using. Now, as I am not only using LED bars but also round LED lights, I wanted to make a filter holder on top of them, using Fusion360. Because these lamps get up to 55 degrees Celsius, I didn’t use PLA but NGEN filament and therefore I used the AnyCubic I3 Mega printer, as that is the best printer I have for that kind of materials. Now please, tell me in the description what you think of the color effect?

▼ Fusion360
▼ Simplify3D
▼ AnyCubic I3 Mega
▼ Colorfabb NGEN filament
▼ Philips LED lights 3200 Kelvin

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