Hiding flaws in 3D printed parts with textured spraypaint


We all sometimes suffer from a print that is just not completely beautiful because we had settings wrong or because we have a small defect in the printer.

To be able to use those failed prints, you can nowadays buy very beautiful spray paint that is perfect to use to mask errors in your 3D prints. The paint I’m talking about is a textured paint that you apply with a spray can.

The textured paint was originally intended to be able to repair walls with a stucco structure after, for example, drilling a hole, but we will apply it in a completely different way.

The paint structure keeps well on PLA and NGEN prints and is therefore easy to apply. Make sure there is no fat on the print, such as skin fat. Is this there, but then clean the print with alcohol or an ammonia solution. You can then spray paint the structure paint like any other spray paint.

After the drying time you can apply a second layer if you want a finer structure, or you can top it off with varnish. After this you can apply any colors or other artistic layers.

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