How I review products

This page is to make clear how I rate and review printers and other 3D printing related equipment.

To begin with, I don’t allow myself to get paid for reviews. I do not accept money to test a device or to change my testing method to get a different result from a review. Of course, I want to listen to advice from a company that sends me stuff, so that I can perform a review with the right knowledge, but I do not change my opinion about a product because I am paid for it.


Receiving printers or other equipment as a gift:

When I receive a product to review, it is fairly common that I no longer have to return that product. You can see this as a payment, but I don’t see it that way, and I’ll explain why.

A printer or any other device that comes from far, such as from China to the Netherlands, not only costs money because of the price of the product, but also because of the shipping costs. These shipping costs can be very high and are usually for the receiving party. Even if a company sends a device for free, I have to pay import duties within the Netherlands on the price of the original product, and those costs are pretty high.
Many manufacturers or retailers that sell printers give you the printer as a gift so that you can keep it for use after the review, or sell it to recoup the costs you have incurred.

I do not sell review printers myself, but I give these to schools, or to a library where a maker community is located. So reviewing a product costs me money.

I do not earn my income with 3D printers or testing them. I have other work in the photography and video industry, with which I earn my money. So I have no dependence on the income from this channel and can therefore simply say everything I personally think about a product or service.


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