I repaired the Fabrikator II Mini and made slicer settings for Simplify3D for it


Here is a little heads up about the Fabrikator Mini V2 printer that I bought at HobbyKing a few months ago. The printer arrived just a couple of days ago and when I opened it, it was broken. Both the Y and Z axis were having problems due to hardware malfunction and I wanted to send the machine back to HobbyKing to get it repaired or replaced. After some chatting and mailing between HobbyKing and me, it was still not clear if I had to pay for the shipping costs to and from their company or not. They didn’t provide me with good information about this and therefore I decided to repair the printer myself because otherwise it could have cost me about 100 Euro shipping costs, that’s half the price of the machine. I found out that there were wires wrongly connected, there was some bad soldering and the blue color of the machine was not consistent all over the frame, but I could repair everything and live with the color. Then I started printing with the machine and I was very surprised about the quality. The machine really prints very nice. I love the detail, I love the quality. So, this machine is good, but quality control over at Turnigy sucks and also HobbyKing was not responding the way I would have expected.

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