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Longer LK5 Pro

▼ Longer LK5 Pro 3D printer UNBOXING and first REVIEW

The Longer LK5 Pro printer is one of the Ender 3 clones that have been made just a bit smarter than the original itself. The printer has a print bed of 300×300 millimeters and can print up to a height of 400 millimeters. The operation is done via a touch screen, and the printer uses a pleasant, easy-to-understand menu.
The build quality of the printer is very good, although I do have my reservations about the lack of good protection for the cable for the heated bed. This cable should be well protected, but luckily this is easy to adjust yourself by printing a strain relief, like this one found on Thingiverse:

If you want to buy a Longer LK5 Pro printer, please use the affiliate link below. You pay nothing extra for this printer, while the 3D-PrintCreator channel receives a small fee for forwarding a customer. These fees help this channel in its survival.

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