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NeJe Master 20 Watt Laser Cutter Engraver

▼ NeJe Master 20Watt | Full Lasercutter Engraver review of the NeJe Master 20 Watt

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The NeJe Master 20Watt Dual MCU Laser Cutter is a diode laser machine that can cut and/or engrave in wood, paper, cartboard, non-transparant plastics, leather, paint and many other materials. The machine has an engraving size of 15x15 centimeters and can burn pictures with a resolution of 2000x2000 pixels (0.075mm dot pitch). The machine can be used as a laser cutter and engraver on computers running Windows, and as a laser engraver on machines running Mac OS. The Laser consumes 20Watt of power and uses a 12Volt-3 Amperes power supply. As with any other diode laser, the true output power of the laser is about 5.5Watt, about a quarter of the disipated power. The Laser is PWM controlled with a range from 50KHz to 20KHz. and voltage controlled between 3.3 to 12 volt.