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Ortur Laser Master 15 Air Assist unit

Can be used for ANY diode laser that has 40x40mm unit dimensions.

The Air Assist add-on on the Ortur Master 15 laser, is an addition that allows the laser to engrave or cut with more power. The operation is very simple, which is why it is a pity that air assist is not standard on the Ortur laser Master 15.

The idea is that during engraving or cutting materials with the Ortur Laser Master 15, smoke is created and this smoke enters between the material to be cut and the light source, so that the light no longer 100% reaches on the surface to be cut. If the smoke is very thick, up to 70% of the light beam can be absorbed into the smoke, reducing the laser power by 70%.

An Air Assis system provides a continuous flow of air that blows the smoke aside instead of rising straight up. As a result, no smoke is released into the light beam. Another great thing the air assist does, is blowing away the ashes that are created by burning the material you are engraving. Because there is now no smoke and no ashes, the laser retains its full power on the surface it has to burn.

The Air Assist I designed, is clamped around the laser unit itself. It consists of a bottom part, that hold the air assist nozzle, and an upper part, that holds the air lining. The bottom part has a thread of 6mm in the air pipe, so you can screw in a 3D printing nozzle as used by E3D or many other clones. You will nee almost no power to screw the nozzle into the air pipe. An important hint is that you print the Air Assist Unit using 0.2mm Layer Height on a rather slow speed, like 40 to 60mm/sec, depending on the jerk settings of your 3D printer.

Another important detail of this design is that space has been kept for the user to focus the laser. The 3D printed unit is clamped around the laser so you can easily reach the focus ring under the laser unit.

Printing Instructions

You can easily print the Air Assist Unit yourself, provided you have a well-calibrated 3D printer. The printer must be able to print overhang at an angle of 45 degrees without the need for support.

  • Print the unit UPSIDE DOWN
  • Print with PLA, ABS, NGEN or PETG.
  • Use a 0.4mm Nozzle.
  • at least 4 top and 4 bottom layers.
  • 4 Perimeters(shell).
  • 20% infill.
  • Support YES, but from printer bed only.
  • Print slow, like 30mm/sec.

If you are not able to print the file yourself, ask a friend, co-worker or maker space to make it for you. I don’t have the time to print and ship parts. Sorry. Also, if the part doesn’t fit your laser machine, I can’t help you. It’s designed for, and tested on the Ortur Laser Master 15W and Ortur Master II 15W. With my work I don’t have time to make personal versions that will fit other machines.

—> Download the ZIP containing the STL files.

Don’t forget to buy a fan

For this Air Assist you will also need an aquarium pump that can at least output 60 liters per hour. I use mine with a pump that can output 150 liters per hour and have very good result with that.

Aquarium Air pump, suitable for laser engraving as Air Assist Pump

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