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Ortur Laser Master and Laser Master II Cutter / Engraver

▼ Ortur Master 15 Watt Laser VERSUS the NeJe Master 20 Watt | The verdict

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Judging by the appearance of the Ortur and the Neje laser engravers and laser cutters, you would almost think that these are the same devices, yet the two brands are completely different and the machines have more differences than similarities.

The Ortur Laser Master machines are available in 7, 15 and 20 Watt versions. The 7 Watt version is really meant for engraving materials, while the 15 and 20 Watt versions are also very suitable for cutting, but can also engrave very well.

The machines work on the basis of a 32-bit motherboard (this is 8 bit with the Neje machines) and can therefore engrave in 4096 shades of gray, where the Neje machines only have 255 shades of gray. In addition, the lasers of the Ortur machines can be set in a mode that they burn at full power, which is perfect for cutting materials.

To control the Ortur Laser Master machines, they use open source software from LaserGRBL. With this software you can very easily convert an image into an file to be engraved or cut. Where Neje uses her own software that you can only engrave and let users choose Inkscape software with difficult plugins to make the laser cut something, in the LaserGRBL software you can easily do everything whitin one program. It is even possible to engrave the inside of a drawing, and then have your outline written via a vector in the same passage. You can use the same vector later to cut out your drawing, for example from wood, plastics or fabric.

The lens of the Ortur Laser Master machines is much sharper, and therefore more usable, than the lens of the Neje Master machines. The dot under the laser is much smaller in the Ortur, so that all the laser power on that small surface is converted into heat. With the Neje machines, so much power is lost in the large blurry dot under the laser that the Neje machines have much more trouble cutting materials, even though the machines have more power. It is also not possible with a Neje laser to make very sharp images, while the Ortur has no problem with this at all.

To have the best experience with the laser machines and use them outside of my house, I bought myself a very cheap Windows PC for the laser software.
The PC can be bought here: CHEAP WINDOWS PC

If you are interested in one of the Ortur machines, please use the links at the top of this page to go to GearBest. With this you help this channel and Gearbest sees that my channel is relevant, so that I can review and test more stuff.

For different materials, you will need different settings on both the speed and the power of the lasers.
The Ortur machines are packed with a sheet that provides basic information about the best settings to start with when you are going to use a new material. Because some people lost their sheets, and others say they didn’t receive them, I have them as a download on this page.

Ortur Master Reference Table (7 | 15 | 20 Watt)