Pathio – The Answers on your questions


After my previous video about the new Pathio slicer, I received a lot of responses from you. The reactions varied from very satisfied with the slicer and the way the company deals with beta testing to very dissatisfied, people who do not wish to cooperate on a product that is not open source.

One of the responses I received came from Gabriel Seltzer, one of the people who work at E3D. He was more than willing to email me and answer all my questions that I had.

With the help of my viewers, I then made a questionnaire and forwarded these questions to Gabe, who then answered them all. This video is therefore largely his reaction to the previous video, to the comments on the previous video.

My thanks to my viewers, who set the questions, and to Gabriel Seltzer, who was kind enough to take the time to answer all the questions. All likes of this video are for him too

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