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Nerf compatible launcher contest

After a call on the Facebook 3D printing group, I have decided that I will participate in the Nerf Gun competition that they are holding there. This competition means that we as participants have to design a Nerf compatible device that really shoots. I have already bought my Nerf darts and I am taking part […]

How I am making my NERF compatible LAUNCHER

As part of a major competition on the Internet, I am making a NERF rifle to shoot arrows from the famous NERF manufacturer. During this video I am still in the middle of the design of this gun, but it is getting along well.

How I designed my NERF darts compatible LAUNCHER

In this video I show for the first time my complete design of the NERF rifle that I designed for the competition that is currently being held to design a NERF rifle.

Adding a 7 rounds magazine to my NERF launcher

There was only one thing missing from my NERF rifle that I made for the competition that is being held on the Internet among 3D designers, and that was a warehouse for several NERF bullets. Now my gun is really finished, and wow, what a ride it was to get to the end, but I […]

Protopasta HTPLA on the Da Vinci Pro – REVIEW

At the competition for a NERF rifle on the Internet, I won a number of prizes, including the Protopasta HTPLA. Hereby a small impression of the quality of this filament.