Alfawise Laser Engravers

On this page you will find the videos I made about the Alfawise laser engravers I tested.

▼ Alfawise C50 Laser Engraver REVIEW
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I received the Alfawise C50 laser engraver from GearBest to review. This laser engraver is a self-contained unit that you can easily put over the object ...
to be engraved. You can then connect the Alfawise C50 to the wall socket using an adapter, or use it with a USB power source, such as a battery. This makes it possible to use the unit completely separate from the mains.
On the top of the Alfawise C50 you will find 2 USB connections. So one is for powering the device with a USB power supply, but the other is for connecting the laser engraver to a computer. However, this is not necessary because you can also download an APP on your phone and use the machine without turning on a computer.
In the Aoo you can convert photos to a laser file, you can make and engrave text with it, or you can engrave nice drawings, which are offered from the App.
The App is not completely ready yet, because here and there it has not been translated properly and there are also some problems with the layout when you create a text, but with a simple workaround you can also get there.

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