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On this page you will find the videos about XYZPrinting 3D printers that I tested.

Dear people – PLEASE READ THIS,
The Da Vinci Pro was the first printer I had, and it opened up my 3D world to me, but if I see all the problems I’ve had with this printer, and how bad the service from XYZPrinting is, I can not recommend this brand.

💮 Da Vinci Pro E3Dv6 Hot End Conversion

All credits for the great design of this conversion go to Bruce Walker, the one who designed the plastic parts and the PCB with all the electronics that fit inside ...the cartridge. I just made the video about it.

Here you can find his Thingiverse page where you can download the parts and contact him to buy the PCB. Also, if you like the part, please thank him for making it or buy the PCB from him instead of using the original PCB from your Da Vinci Pro drop in cartridge

Also read the comments under the video. There is a comment from Bruce Walker himself where he tells how he does things a bit different from what I have done !!!

The used E3Dv6 style hot end is the SHORT 1.75mm version on this page:

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