Neje Master 20 Laser Engraver

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▼ NeJe Master 20Watt | Full Lasercutter Engraver review of the NeJe Master 20 Watt

In this review, I discuss the NeJe Master 20 Watt laser cutter engraver, a machine that is currently on sale for less than $200 on the Internet.

The NeJe Master Lasercutter ...
engraver is a 20-watt diode laser CNC machine that can be used for cutting wood, Plexiglas, cardboard, leather, paper, and many other materials. In addition, this machine is also capable of laser engraving, making it easy to engrave a text or drawing on any material that is suitable for laser engraving. With the included software it is even possible to engrave photos with shades of gray.

In this video, I show how I use the 20 Watt diode Laser to mark Aluminum. Whereas industrial lasers often use a fiberglass wire, I use a non-permanent marker to blacken the aluminum, so that the energy of the laser diode can be converted to heat, so that the aluminum is engraved.

Beware if you want to buy and use this NeJe Lasercutter Engraver yourself. The machine is not protected against incorrect use and you can easily cause a fire or injury. The use of such a CNC laser should only be done by responsible, mature people.

Neje Master 20 Watt
Neje Master 7 Watt
NeJe Master 3.5 Watt
Spare Laser Heads in all powers
NeJe Master Software

Also, there is a 15Watt alternative on GearBest. The biggest difference is that it's GRBL compatible and works with LaserGRBL software (much better then NeJe). A review unit is on it's way to my studio.

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