Neje Master 20 Laser Engraver

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Make A Spooky Halloween Lantern With A Hobby Laser Cutter

Join me, Brian, the 3D PrintCreator, in this step-by-step video tutorial where we craft a spooky Halloween lantern using Lightburn software and a laser cutting machine. Discover how to transform ...ordinary shapes into captivating designs, engrave intricate images, and create perfectly placed openings for a candle's warm glow. Follow along for a detailed walkthrough and laser settings, and don't forget to like and subscribe for more exciting DIY projects.


▼ Laser engravers I currently recommend ▼
- Ikier K1 24 Watt
- Longer Laser B1 30W
- Creality Falcon2
- Ortur Laser Master 3
- Two Trees TS2
- Aufero Laser 2

▼ Must haves for Laser Engraving ▼
- Honeycomb bed 400x400mm
- Air Assist Kit

▼ 3D printers I currently recommend ▼
- Longer Orange 4K Mono
- Longer LK5 Pro
- TwoTrees SP-5
- Mingda Magician Pro
- Anycubic Kobra Plus
- QiDi Tech X-Max

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