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▼ Dutchy | The BEST 3D Printer for schools ever

The Dutchy 3D printer, made by Dutchy3D in the Netherlands, is probably the best 3D printer ever made for schools.

About six months ago I received the Dutchy 3D printer for ...
making a long-term review. A loan printer that I could test for a long time, and where I could do everything I wanted, as long as it had to do with 3D printing.

In this half year I tested the printer with different filaments. Then the Corona crisis broke out and I was asked to print face shields. I started doing this in large quantities, with all the filaments that were available. First PLA, but when that ran out I switched to PETG, ABS and even Nylon. I used multiple printers, but only 1 printer was suitable for printing all the materials I had, and that was the Dutchy. The Dutchy did not require maintenance, the leveling did not run during printing, and everything continued to function as desired. Hundreds of face shields have been printed on this printer, in stacks of at least 30 layers, and every print worked immediately.

When faster production methods came in to make the face shields, I went back to the order of the day and started making regular parts again. Or ... Since I realized that the Dutchy was so good at printing various difficult materials, I mainly started using this printer for that. PETG with Carbon fibers, PLA with wood and Nylon. Metal filaments, with copper and iron, dissolved in PLA, but also flexible filaments, such as NGEN flex. The Dutchy was only used for the exotic materials that my other printers struggle with, and the Dutchy never let me down.

In the half year that I have used the printer, I have only had one malfunction, and this malfunction cost me exactly a whole Euro to repair. One of the push fittings that the printer uses to feed filament from the spool to the extruder went limp and stopped working. A repair that took less than 2 minutes of my time, and the only malfunction of the printer in half a year.

And now my opinion about this printer: The Dutchy is a very reliable printer, suitable for almost all types of filament that you can use with a nozzle temperature up to 245 degrees Celsius. The printer has a price tag of 1500 Euro, apart from the optional accessories, such as a double part cooling fan or another extruder, which is a high price for a 3D printer. On the other hand, the Dutchy is the only printer I've ever seen, with all parts made of thick metal. This makes the printer impossible to deform, so bed leveling is never necessary. The printer can be picked up during printing, worn students can even bump the printer while it is printing, without any risk of the print failing. The printer can also be easily stored after class, and when it is picked up the next day, it is immediately ready for use again, with no start-up time. This makes the Dutchy the very best 3D printer for schools I've ever seen, because it is the only printer of its kind that is safe for students and absolutely vandal-proof.

For more information about the Dutchy, go to http://www.Dutchy3D.nl or you can ask your question directly below this video on YouTube.

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