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▼ Ortur Obsidian 3D printer, Why I think this is the Ender 3 successor

Buy the Ortur Obsidian http://gbe.st/302g1R6
and some TPU filament http://gbe.st/302dYUP

The Ortur Obsidian is the latest 3D printer from the Ortur brand. This printer has a bed of 250x250 millimeters and is ...
able to print up to 300mm high, more than enough volume to print most objects.

Special details of the Ortur Obsidian are the metal frame, which is extremely strong and really built to last for years, a dual drive extruder, which is placed directly above the hot end, a proximity sensor that measures the bed and a mesh level of the bed allows for printing of the first layers and the latest Marlin interface for easy operation.

All of the above features can only be seen together in expensive 3D printers, or 3D printers that have been upgraded by the user himself, but it is rare to find all the features at once in a single printer, straight from the factory. Never mind that this printer is priced as low as this Ortur Obsidian, which is therefore much cheaper than the Creality Ender 3, if you provide it with all these upgrades.

My concerns are currently still with the long delivery time and the availability of this 3D printer. I hope Ortur will be able to reduce waiting times and ensure that the printer can be delivered faster. Those who want to buy the printer must now take into account 1 to 2 months delivery time.
Time will tell, but I think the Ortur Obsidian may well be the successor to the long-standing Ender 3 printer, because the Ortur is packed with the latest technology at a very attractive price.

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