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On this page you will find the videos about Elegoo 3D printers and/or accessories that I tested.

▼ Elegoo Mercury Plus first use and review

Buy the Elegoo Mercury Plus here: https://www.banggood.com/ELEGOO-MercuryPlus-2-in-1-Washing-and-Curing-Machine-for-LCD-or-DLP-or-SLA-3D-Printed-Models-with-360-degree-Rotating-Turntable-p-1823862.html?cur_warehouse=CN&rmmds=search&ID=47184&p=TD04047688450201612E&custlinkid=1719298
Don't have a resin printer yet? https://www.banggood.com/ELEGOO-Mars-2-Pro-Mono-MSLA-3D-Printer-UV-Photocuring-LCD-Resin-3D-Printer-with-6_08inch-2K-Monochrome-LCD-Printing-Size-129x80x160mm-p-1743602.html?cur_warehouse=CN&ID=471846303594&rmmds=search&p=TD04047688450201612E&custlinkid=1719299
Banggood reached out to me and asked me if there was anything on their platform that I would ...
like to review? In the conversation we had, we came to the conclusion that the Elegoo Mercury Plus, a Washing and Curing station for resin prints, would be really beneficial for me, as I am really using Resin printers.
Now, the people from Banggood never asked me for any influence in the review and they never offered to pay me for the review. This video and everything I say, are completely my thoughts about the Mercury Plus.

The printer I am using is the Elegoo Mars, the first model.
The Resin is the original Elegoo ABS-like Photopolymer
And, of course, the curing station is the Elegoo Mercury Plus

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