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On this page you will find the videos I made about the Longer laser engravers I tested.

▼ Longer Ray5 Laser engraver Review

Buy the Longer Ray5 at the official Longer website: https://gozbx.com/r/xDh2u9nhraHQ
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From Longer 3D I received a Longer Ray5 Laser engraver to make a review about it. ...
I received this machine for free, and without shipping costs, but I was not paid or directed in any way to influence the review.

00:00. Start | Introduction
00:20. Specifications
00:55. Standard controller
02:22. Operation
02:55. First tests
03:24. What I don't like
05:07. Ending

The Longer Ray5 is the first Laser engraver I received that comes with a controller as standard. This controller makes it unnecessary to connect a computer to the laser, which means that using the machine becomes a lot easier and in some cases, also a lot cheaper.

The powerful 5.5 Watt laser (optical power) is capable of engraving in a beautiful way, even when it comes to photo-realistic images. This laser can also easily be cut in wood and acrylic, provided that the latter concerns dark blue or black material. The machine is equipped with a number of safety options, but of course it is important that you continue to think for yourself and that you are always careful with your laser engraver.

The advantages of the Longer Ray 5 are:
- Built-in controller with SD cards and WiFi
- Standard equipped with a 5.5 Watt laser module
- Perfect Square shaped 0.08x0.08mm dot, no KERF effect
- Suitable for engraving and cutting
- Easy operation
- Economically priced, compared to comparable machines

The links to this video are affiliate links. If you decide to purchase the Longer Ray5 through one of the links provided by me, I will receive a small fee from Longer3D for making this video.

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