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Artillery Genius

▼ Artillery Genius review after a few months of use | The good and the bad

If you are interested in the Artillery Genius 3D printer, you can buy it here:
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If you prefer the big brother of the Genius, the Artillery Sidewinder X1, you can buy it here:

▼ This is the review of the Artillery Genius printer after I have been using it for a few months. In recent months I have mainly used the printer for printing production parts. These are parts of which I usually have between 4 and 15 on a print bed at the same time and which must be of such good quality that the client wants to purchase them.

The Artillery printer has always worked well in these months. I have encountered no problems such as nozzle clogs, no failed prints, or other problems. What disappointed me was the possibility to place a large spool of filament on the printer. It is not possible to place 4 kilograms of spools on the printer. The 2.5-kilogram spools also just didn't fit, and even worse ... The very small 0.5 kg filament spools also don't fit on the printer, so the adjustable spool holder on the printer can only be used for 0.8 to 1.5 kg rolls.

Just like the Artillery Sidewinder X1, the Artillery Genius is also equipped with a direct drive extruder, so that all types of filaments, from hard to very flexible, can be placed in a simple way. The printer also has a Volcano compatible nozzle and heat chamber, making it possible to print with larger nozzles, such as my beloved 0.6 mm nozzles. A larger nozzle ensures that you can print much faster, whereby the thickness of the filament flow is thicker, but the height of the layers can also increase. So you can really print a lot faster.

In a while, my FFF profile for Simplify3D will be ready. I will, of course, publish this profile on my website, There you will also find an easy-to-use search function per printer for all my YouTube videos.

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Artillery Sidewinder X1

▼ Artillery Sidewinder X1 review | Is the Artillery Sidewinder better than a Prusa MK3?

The Artillery (or EVNOVO) Sidewinder X1 printer is a large format, super fast and extremely quiet 3D printer. The 3D printer is whisper quiet due to its modern stepper drivers ...and can print with all materials, thanks to the direct drive extruder.

After looking at various reviews of Joel Telling and Design Prototype Test, among others, I decided to buy this printer and start using it myself. This printer is therefore NOT sponsored and this video is not a paid review.

My findings are that this 3D printer is quiet and fast, and that the quality is far beyond expectations. The problems as found by other reviewers on the Internet, I could not find them myself, but this may be because I have received a version 4 printer, while most reviewers have received a pre-production model. At the time of writing, the printer as I tested it is the printer that you and I can purchase through AliExpress (the official Artillery3D store).

If you are interested in this printer, please use this link to purchase it. You don't have to pay anything extra, while GearBest gives me a small fee for forwarding customers. This greatly helps my channel.

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