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Artillery Genius

▼ Artillery 3D TIP of the week | Artillery Sidewinder X1 and Genius.

If you are interested in the Artillery Genius 3D printer, you can buy it here:
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If you prefer the big brother of the Genius, the Artillery Sidewinder X1, you can buy it here:

The 3D printers of the company Artillery 3D are so-called Direct Drive printers, which means that the extruder is directly above the hot end, and that no bowden tube is used between the extruder and the hot end.

A lot of users of the Artillery Sidewinder X1 and the newer Artillery Genius, complain that when they load new filament, they break off their lever for the extruder the moment they put a little force on it to take the pressure off the filament.

That this happens, of course, has something to do with the quality of the lever, but not everything. It is also really about wrong use because for removing and loading filament it is not necessary to operate this lever at all.

How it should be done, I show in this video

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Artillery Sidewinder X1

▼ Artillery Sidewinder X1 review | Is the Artillery Sidewinder better than a Prusa MK3?

The Artillery (or EVNOVO) Sidewinder X1 printer is a large format, super fast and extremely quiet 3D printer. The 3D printer is whisper quiet due to its modern stepper drivers ...and can print with all materials, thanks to the direct drive extruder.

After looking at various reviews of Joel Telling and Design Prototype Test, among others, I decided to buy this printer and start using it myself. This printer is therefore NOT sponsored and this video is not a paid review.

My findings are that this 3D printer is quiet and fast, and that the quality is far beyond expectations. The problems as found by other reviewers on the Internet, I could not find them myself, but this may be because I have received a version 4 printer, while most reviewers have received a pre-production model. At the time of writing, the printer as I tested it is the printer that you and I can purchase through AliExpress (the official Artillery3D store).

If you are interested in this printer, please use this link to purchase it. You don't have to pay anything extra, while GearBest gives me a small fee for forwarding customers. This greatly helps my channel.

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Also, keep an eye on this channel as I will make a lot more video's about the Artillery Sidewinder X1 printer soon.

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