Review Guidelines

Offering equipment, software, or consumables for a review, hereinafter referred to as review items.

You must send all review items that are offered for a review to my address yourself, without having to pay import or transport costs. If transport costs, such as customs costs, are levied by the carrier, you must reimburse these costs before I make a review of your product.

Review items sent to me remain my property for later reviews or as reference material for other reviews. I am free to sell or give away review items after a review has been made.

Review Items will not be returned unless this has been clearly agreed in advance and recorded on paper. I will in no way accept costs for returning review items, returning your review items is at your own expense.

When I have received a review item, this does not automatically mean that a review will follow. Under strict conditions, a review item can be refused for review. This includes faulty or defective review items, review items that are not complete and require an expense on my part before I can make the review, and all review items where users or myself are at risk while using the review item.


It is in no way possible to pay me for a review of a review item.

this automatically means that every review I make is performed for free and that I do this in my own way, and in my own style.

It is not possible to see a review in advance or to influence a review in any way.

The only form of payment I will accept for a review item is paid for costs I incurred to receive the review item. Consider, for example, customs clearance costs.


When you send something to me, by post or courier, you must always email a track and trace code so that I know what to expect for mail or package.

Unannounced review items will not be picked up or received.

If a package does not reach me, for example, due to an incomplete address on the shipping label, or because the carrier cannot find my address, I am not responsible for the lost package. You as the sender must take action yourself if a package does not reach me. This is a requirement in Dutch law, and unfortunately, I cannot change this.

Removing content from my website or Youtube channel

In no way can you force me to remove a posted review from my channel or website.
Every review I make represents my opinion about the review item, therefore it is not a hard truth, but my view on the product or service. Since this is also clear to my viewers, a review can never be seen as negative about a review item, but only as my opinion about the review item.

Supporting my channel / sponsorship

It is possible to support or sponsor my channel and my work on YouTube. This can be done in various ways, both in consumables, such as engraving items for lasers or filaments or resin for printers. It is also possible to make a donation to the channel or to become a Patreon supporter.

However, no way of supporting my Youtube channel or website can influence a review. Reviews are always independent and donations of any kind will always be mentioned to avoid a conflict of interest.

Sponsored Videos

It is possible to place sponsored videos on my channel, both stand alone and in a video item. The cost for a sponsored item starts at 500 Euro, and if it is a sponsored item in a video item, it cannot be removed as the video item will remain forever on the website and on the Youtube channel.

Each sponsored post will always be preceded by a disclaimer clarifying the sponsored item or video.

Where my provisions conflict with Dutch law, Dutch law will always prevail.