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Review Guidelines

On this website and the YouTube channel of Brian Dragtstra, the 3D-PrintCreator, you will find opinions, reviews and usage examples of, and about, products and services related to the manufacturing industry. Examples include 3D printers, laser engraving machines, laser cutting machines, CNC milling machines, and tools and consumables related to this.

The reviews I publish reflect how I feel about a product and show how I value and use a product. I show this by showing how I experienced the use and by telling the viewer what I think is good and/or bad about the product or service.

in no way is it possible to pay me for influencing the opinion that I express or show in a review or video. It is never necessary to pay me for a review, the only form of payment I accept is compensation, as described a little further down in these guidelines.

Videos or written reviews that I publish will never be shared with the provider of a product or service in advance, and even after making a video or review there will be no adjustment because a provider of a product asks for it. If I make a mistake while reviewing a product or service, this will be rectified by me, but the original publication will never be removed.

Guidelines for reviewing a product will be seen as an encouragement to properly review a product, but I cannot guarantee that a guideline from a supplier of a product will be followed.

Products that are supplied for a review must be safe at all times and meet the safety requirements that apply in the Netherlands, the country where the review is made. Products that are hazardous, which pose a danger to public health, and products that can cause damage, illness, or even death if used incorrectly will not be reviewed.

Products that are not yet finished, that are still in development, or that are still on the drawing board can only be mentioned, but not yet reviewed. Only when a product arrives at my address as it also arrives at a paying buyer, it can be included in a review.

If I have to incur costs to review a product, such as paying customs clearance costs, transport costs, the use of consumables, etc., I pass the costs on to the supplier of the product. An exception to this is the use of filament for 3D printers, resin for 3D printers, and standard materials that I cut or engrave with lasers. I supply these materials myself and pay them out of my own purse because I believe that I should also be able to perform comparable tests with comparable consumables. Only when the test or review is really about the consumables is it allowed that the supplier of the product provides these to me.

Products that I test are not returned to the supplier of the product, and these products remain my property. This is because then I can actually examine, open, and review a product without worrying about damage I might cause to the product.

When a product is lent to me and has to be returned to the supplier of the product, this must be expressly agreed upon and recorded in advance, that is before I receive the product. The costs for the return are therefore for the supplier of the product.

No delivery of a product to me guarantees that I will make a review of the product. Arrangements that lead to a guaranteed publication of a review after the provision of goods or services are considered payments and then the posted video or review is automatically a sponsored publication or advertisement. For this reason, I never guarantee a review after receiving a product, as I will not make ads or sponsored items without telling my viewers that an item is sponsored or the video is an advertisement.

I will not accept products for review unless it has been agreed in advance that the guidelines described here have been read and approved.

If you agree after reading these terms and conditions and want me to rate and possibly review your product or service, please contact me at