Beaverlab DavCarve L1

▼ Beaverlab DavCarve L1 Kickstarter All in One laserengraver

Beaverlab DavCarve L1
This laser engraver is unique because it not only features a 20 Watt 540nm laser module but also a 10 Watt one. Additionally, it is available with a ...
2 Watt 1064nm laser module for engraving metal or transparent acrylic, a pen holder for drawing with a pen or marker, and a cutting plotter pen for cutting paper or vinyl, and more.

This laser engraving machine is set to go into production in November and, as it stands, will actually hit the market. However, I'd like to include a disclaimer regarding the risks associated with Kickstarter campaigns, emphasizing that there's no guarantee you'll always receive what you support through Kickstarter.

Beaverlab kickstarter:


For the YouTube video excerpt and potential video titles, please let me know if you would like me to provide those as well.▼ Laser engravers I currently recommend ▼
- Ikier K1 24 Watt
- Algolaser Alpha 24 Watt
- Algolaser Delta 24 Watt
- Longer Laser B1 30W
- Creality Falcon2 22 Watt

▼ Must haves for Laser Engraving ▼
- Honeycomb bed 400x400mm
- Air Assist Kit

▼ 3D printers I currently recommend ▼
- Kingroon KP3S Pro S1
- Longer Orange 4K Mono
- Longer LK5 Pro
- TwoTrees SP-5
- Mingda Magician Pro
- Anycubic Kobra Plus
- QiDi Tech X-Max

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At the time of writing, the Beaverlab DavCarve L1 is still a Kickstarter project, so the machine is not available for purchase yet. According to the current plan, the machine is expected to go into production in November, and the Kickstarter backers will likely receive their machines first. We anticipate that the machine will be available for ordering on the Beaverlab website after that.