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On this page you will find the videos about Lotmaxx 3D printers that I tested.

▼ Lotmaxx SC-10 unboxing assembling and testing the Lotmaxx SC-10 in less than 20 minutes

▼ LOTMAXX SC-10 https://www.gearbest.com/3d-printers--3d-printer-kits/pp_3006503124423885.html?wid=2000001&lkid=78293362

I received a Lotmaxx SC-10 printer from the company Lotmaxx for a review. The question they asked me was whether ...
I wanted to test this printer and compare it with other printers in the same price range. I did not have to pay for the printer, and after the review I can keep the printer to test it and compare it with other review printers. Lotmaxx has not paid any money for this video. My opinions about this printer are my personal thoughts about this printer.

The Lotmaxx SC-10 printer is a Prusa-like printer that is sold for just over 250 euros. The printer is supplied in two parts, which the user must assemble himself. This is a job that takes less than 10 minutes. All cables have already been incorporated into the frame as far as possible. The only thing you still have to do as a user is to connect two plugs for the Z stepper motor and the Z end detection switch. If the printer is assembled, the first print can be started with the supplied filament.

During this initial assembly and test, the flexible bed was particularly striking. The prints stick well to the print bed and they come off easily when you bend the plate slightly after printing.

The printer is made around a 32-bit motherboard and Trinamic stepper drivers are used for the X and Y axis. In theory, the printer should be very quiet because of this, because you can barely hear the stepper motors, but in practice the cooling fan appears to be making so much noise that the stepper motors do not stand out. The 24 volt power supply ensures that the printer heats up quickly, so that a print starts quickly.

During the first test it was noticed that the quality of the prints is very good. The dog that the company delivers as a file on the micro SD memory card, looks very nice and smooth. All in all, this printer leaves a very good impression, especially if you compare it to printers such as Creality (Ender 3 Pro) or Anycubic (I3 Mega), which are in the same price range.

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