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▼ Laser cutting Insulation material with the Creality Falcon 2

During the renovation of my house, insulation material had to be adjusted in several places so that chimney pipes and air extraction pipes could be placed through the insulation material. ...Since it is very difficult to draw a perfect ellipse by hand, and even more difficult to cut it out with power tools, I used my Creality Falcon 2 laser engraver to create the holes. As a result, the holes are cut so cleanly and beautifully that it seems as if this was done directly in the factory of the insulation material.

The advantage of the Creality Falcon 2 compared to my other laser cutting machines is that the combination of the large power of 22 Watt and the perfect Air Assist make it possible to cut white sheet material without many burn marks being visible on the surface of the plate material.

Thanks to Creality for supplying the Falcon 2 laser engraver for free for review purposes. If you would like to buy the Creality Falcon 2 laser engraver, please visit their shop online:
EUROPE https://store.creality.com/eu/products/falcon2-22w-laser-engraver-cutter?aid=ytZBEU
UNITED STATES https://store.creality.com/products/falcon2-22w-laser-engraver-cutter?aid=ytZBUS
Code: Falcon50
Link2:: https://store.creality.com/eu/pages/creality-engravers?aid=ZBEU
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