New Phrozen Resin Printer

Phrozen, a company that makes 3D printers, is announcing their Sonic 8K resin 3D printer.

This new printer is called the Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K S. It’s part of their series of printers called the S-series, which are designed to make high-quality 3D printing more affordable. The new printer will have a space for making objects that’s 330 millimeters long, 185 millimeters wide, and 300 millimeters tall. It uses a special light called a 405 nm ParaLED Matrix 3.0 to work really fast, making up to 400 layers per hour with very fine detail of 43 microns.

This machine will cost $1499.99 and comes with some cool features. It can print things that are up to 300 millimeters tall. It has a small screen you can touch to control it, a USB port in the front, and a lid that you can flip up. There’s also a place to hang the part that you’re making after it’s done. This helps the extra liquid resin drip back so you don’t waste material and cleaning up is easier.

If you want to do more things with this printer, you can buy extra things that go with it. There’s a cure station, a wash station and a special device that helps put more resin in automatically without you having to do anything.

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