3D Benchy

The 3D Benchy is a small, boat-shaped model created to help people test the performance of their 3D printers. Its name comes from the word “benchmark,” which means a standard or point of reference. The Benchy was designed by Creative Tools, a Swedish 3D printing company, and it has become very popular in the 3D printing community.

Why is the 3D Benchy Important?

The 3D Benchy is important because it helps users understand how well their 3D printer is working. By printing this small boat, users can see if their printer is correctly set up and if it can produce high-quality prints. The Benchy is designed with various features that can reveal common printing issues.

What Can You Check with the 3D Benchy?

When you print a 3D Benchy, you can assess several aspects of your printer’s performance:

  1. Dimensional Accuracy: The Benchy has specific measurements. By checking if the printed model matches these measurements, you can see if your printer is accurately following the design.
  2. Surface Quality: The smoothness and texture of the Benchy’s surfaces can show if your printer is extruding the filament evenly and maintaining a consistent temperature.
  3. Overhangs and Bridges: The Benchy has parts that stick out (overhangs) and gaps (bridges). If these parts look clean and don’t sag or have too much stringing, it means your printer can handle complex shapes.
  4. Layer Alignment: By examining the layers of the Benchy, you can see if they are well-aligned. Misaligned layers can indicate problems with the printer’s mechanics or calibration.
  5. Detail and Resolution: The Benchy includes small details, like text and tiny features. How well these details are printed can show your printer’s ability to handle fine resolution.


The 3D Benchy is more than just a cute boat; it’s a powerful tool for testing and improving your 3D printer. By carefully inspecting the Benchy after printing, you can identify and fix issues, leading to better print quality in future projects. Whether you’re new to 3D printing or an experienced user, the 3D Benchy is an essential model to have in your testing toolkit.

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